Closely tied to UCLy’s and Lyon’s student life for 39 years and particularly committed to students, the Fédé K'to is constantly looking for innovation in its projects.

A unifying figure representing the 12,500 UCLy students, it is present in all decision-making bodies focused on students.

 It unites, trains and advises the 10 representative student associations of UCLy and organises several events such as :

  • The Inter-Schools Challenge, a cultural and sports competition :

Every year, the title of Prize winner for the Inter-Schools Challenge is put into play. Each university department prepares over a  2 week period their best choreography which they then present to the Fédé K'to and UCLy students. Each campus has the chance to host various activities such as sumo wrestling, foam pool and inflatable games.
This friendly event brings students closer to their university campus by giving them the opportunity to meet, both during the activities and the closing evening.

  • The UCLy Students' term beginning and its forum of associations

  • The UCLy Ball

  • The welcome back party

In order to meet expectations and needs of the students, it also invests  in :

- The Federation of Lyon’s Students (FEL), to exchange with other associations to share their experiences and improve the action and service to students. It is also an opportunity for it to provide ever more adapted and professional training and to welcome future students (graduates) through its support of Bacwinners®.

- The Union of Catholic Higher Education Institutions (UDESCA), particularly through its work with the Inter-Catholic Student Confederation (CICE) by working on events such as the Inter-Catholic University Meeting (RUICS).